Technology plays a significant role in today’s society, it helps us wake up, learn, relax, stay connected… the possibilities are endless! We have all seen the importance of technology during the coronavirus pandemic and now more than ever our children need to be proficient users of technology. 

At Edward Worlledge we aim to equip children with the skills and knowledge they will need to use technology positively, safely and responsibly. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that children can confidently create, store, modify and retrieve digital content using a range of technologies. By the time our children leave Edward Worlledge we want them to be ready for a world filled with technology. 

How is computing taught at Edward Worlledge? 

Teachers plan and deliver engaging lessons based on the whole school curriculum map, which focuses on the progression of skills, vocabulary and understanding throughout the year groups. 

E-safety is continuously referred to and recapped throughout the curriculum, to ensure that the safe and respectful use of technology is at the forefront of all learning. Children are given extra opportunities to use technology outside of computing, allowing them to apply and embed key skills in a cross-curricular approach to learning.