Teachers will plan History and Geography using the History and Geography Mastery programme from Ark curriculum+. This is a carefully sequenced, knowledge-rich curriculum. The programme is based on the best available research and evidence on what pupils need to know and retain as well as how they learn, memorise and practice what they have learnt. The curriculum has been carefully sequenced to ensure a broad and effective learning experience for all pupils. Each unit of work is underpinned by a clear rationale and conceptual rigour. Where connections are meaningful, links between the subjects have been embedded to ensure pupils gain a rich understanding. 

To ensure pupils have the time to think deeply about the concepts they are learning, History and Geography be taught discretely and alternate half termly. They are timetabled to be taught weekly one afternoon per week. 

Tapisserie de Bayeux – Scène 57 : La mort d’Harold

History is not just about knowing dates and names, but it is more about the importance of learning from mistakes and successes of those who lived before us. Our pupils will gain skills to help them make key decisions of their own; they will have to think like the heroes or villains of history and imagine making the difficult decisions that these key figures also had to make developing fundamental skills that will prepare them for the future. 

Aerial view of the rock formations at the Carreagem Beach in Aljezur, Algarve;

In Geography, our pupils will travel across cities, counties and countries. They will travel over continents and oceans, whilst always thinking about where they live. Whether using an electronic map, or a trusty old Ordnance Survey chart, the children will be able to navigate from location to location and will be able to explain the processes that they are going through and the decisions that they are making.