At Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy we use Charanga to support our music teaching, this is an online music scheme alongside our Norfolk Music Hub specialist visiting teachers with lots of visual aids and interactive resources to support your children’s learning about music. 

We are currently using the Charanga Original Scheme with our key stage 2 children with additional input/ units provided by the Norfolk Music Hub Staff. KS1 children are currently taught by Miss Browne using the Charanga Model Music scheme which will roll out as the children progress through the academy. 

The children have a daily listening task which provides the children with time to discuss and listen to music of varying styles, instrument and vocal use. The children can respond through discussion or drawing. 

To support our music teaching and provide engaging opportunities for our pupils, we often invite guest performers, professionals working within the industry into the academy, providing storytelling and productions linked with other areas of the curriculum. 

As part of their weekly singing assembly sessions children also learn songs related to the season or important festivals supported within the academy. Christmas, being one of our biggest musical celebrations.  At Christmas, Key Stage 2 invite parents to join us for a Christmas sing-a-long concert with annual parental participation where we share the songs we have been learning and EYFS Key Stage 1 put on a nativity play with lots of singing and dancing. 

There are many different reasons why music should be a part of the primary curriculum. Not least that every child enjoys music, whether it be the latest chart hit or the music that their parent’s listen to at home. It is a subject that is in everyone’s lives, making their favourite movie better or listening to the radio on the way to school. 

Musical skills and opportunities improve self-confidence, a sense of accomplishment and in turn will support the children vocabulary and communication skills. 

Music can take people to incredible places and give them an insight into other cultures. There is always history to learn behind each song, and every song teaches kids a different lesson. Here at EWOA we pride ourselves in being fully inclusive and accessible to all students.   

Music can sometimes be difficult but learning to conquer a difficult song teaches children the value of hard work. One of the best experiences a person can have is performing a song they have worked on for a long time and showing people the end result of all their hard work. 

Without music, the world would be completely different, and sometimes we tend to take music for granted. In the midst of a global pandemic the world realised and was been united by the power of music. Music is EVERYWHERE! On the radio, film scores, choirs, a part of all celebrations and social events. Without the option for live entertainment via theatre, concerts and performance throughout lockdown the individuals created opportunities to still be able to experience such events. 

As well as having guests into school we also take groups of children out of school into the community to take part in a selection of performances with the Great Yarmouth Music Association alongside our own academy and OAT family celebrations. 

  • Harvest festival 
  • Christmas Concerts/ Nativity performances 
  • Care/Elderly home visits 
  • Singing in Great Yarmouth town centre 
  • The Royal Norfolk Show 
  • Great Yarmouth Festival of Carols 
  • Spring Concerts 
  • Easter celebrations 
  • Summer Serenades 
  • OAT Annual celebration performances. 
  • Musicals and whole academy summer productions. 

We are also extremely lucky to have a KS2 Choir ran by Mrs Ribbons. The children who partake in the choir represent the academy at a selection of other concerts throughout the academic year. We enjoy singing a wide selection of musical genres throughout our set lists including songs chosen and choreographed by the children.  Miss Browne supports the production of choir and creates a EYFS/KS1 choir for performances. 

Children and staff at Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy pride themselves in their excellent performance skills. We are incredibly lucky to have a highly skilled set of staff with a personal love for performance that supports our end of year productions and all performances throughout the year.  Previous performances include, We Will Rock You, The Lion King and High School Musical alongside whole academy variety shows too. 

Most recently in 2019, taking part in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s, Matilda schools project. We had the luxury of working alongside leading professionals from the West End, to support our very own production of Roald Dahl’s Matilda. A show that made all staff incredibly proud of the wonderful children we have here at Edward Worlledge. 

The children and staff also pride themselves in the supporting of other performers, understanding the importance of audience etiquette and supporting our fellow arts work, especially local performances and within our OAT family. 

Keep your eyes peeled for our next exciting production or performance information. 

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