Election of Pupil Leaders

Pupil leaders 

One our 5 rules for personal success is ‘Give something back’. We believe it is important to teach children that they are part of a community, whether that is a school community, local community or club that they are involved in after school and that they have a responsibility towards that community by ‘giving something back’. One of the ways we do this is through creating opportunities for pupils to take on leadership roles across the academy. Congratulations to the following pupils who applied for and have been selected for leadership roles. 

School leaderSenior prefectPrefectEco-committee
Myiah Blake Willow JamesMarcel Ruslana Toby.M Blanka Rowan ColinElsie Lola.H Lilah.P Aspen Logan.D Aimee Jensen OrintaSienna Levi.G Anabelle William Rueben Rowan

Next week we will be selecting pupils for our School Council, Kindness Ambassadors and House Captains.