PSHE stands for Physical and Social Health Education, RSE stands for Relationships and Sex Education. 

The PSHE Curriculum is based on the National Curriculum, Norfolk County Provision and the Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy vision which aims to provide inclusive, high quality educational experiences in and beyond the classroom.

We aim to nurture individuals who can engage with the world around them and aspire to change it.  We have developed a curriculum that challenges children to engage with thought-provoking topics and provides opportunities to challenge stereotypes.  Children are encouraged to participate in discussions and value the opinions of others.     

In addition to the curriculum, which we have made available on the website, we encourage children to engage with current affairs and discuss local, national and worldwide news.  Newsround provides an age-appropriate daily update on key events happening that day as well as news articles and quizzes. (

Through encouraging children to develop positive mental health and embedding growth mind-set values throughout these sessions we are hoping that children become independent, learners.     

The teaching of Relationships Education and Health Education became compulsory in OAT Primary Academies from September 2020. Our PSHE curriculum has been designed to support our pupils with developing key foundations, essential for a safe and healthy life. It comprises teaching about healthy, respectful relationships, focusing on families and friendships in all contexts, including online. We will also teach our children how to be healthy; the foundations for good physical health and mental wellbeing are explicitly taught in PSHE lessons.     

Finally, we need to teach our children to be global citizens, understanding the fundamentals of democracy and law, knowing the importance of tolerance and how to respect difference, why it is essential to protect our world, and how they can help their communities through participating in social action. 

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